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Environmental protection

Our company’s activities are conscientiously aimed at caring for the natural environment. We strive to operate in full harmony with the natural environment, professing the principle of sustainable development.

Our mission is to provide a fast and safe road connection between Poland and Western Europe, enabling the economic development of local and regional communities. The overriding goal is to provide the highest quality motorway services to our users while respecting the environment and safety, in accordance with the principles of sustainable development.

In our activities, we take special care to meet the legal requirements pertaining to environmental protection, maintain and improve environmental management methods, and continuously reduce and prevent adverse environmental impact. We are constantly trying to enhance the environmental awareness of our customers, drivers traveling on the A2 concession section and our employees.

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Environmental policy 

The most important goals of the company in the field of environmental protection include:

  • Limiting the adverse impact of motorway on the environment
  • Shaping pro-ecological attitudes in the organization and community.

The following tasks are implemented by the company:

  • Complying with applicable environmental protection law and taking the respective requirements into account in the activities performed.
  • Monitoring the wastewater treatment system and testing water prior to discharging into the environment.
  • Monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Conducting monitoring of rational and selective waste management in order to reduce the amount of generated waste, focused on using recycled materials.
  • Cooperation with universities and organizations whose goals are focused on environmental protection and environmental education.
  • Cooperating with suppliers and subcontractors who care for the natural environment.
  • Monitoring construction works so as to minimize waste and noise generation.
  • Striving for rational use of water and electricity.
  • Raising the qualifications, awareness and commitment of employees for environmental protection