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Operation and Management Center

Monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the Motorway never sleeps. Although packed with technology, it is under the watchful eye of hundreds of people who constantly care about its smooth operation.

Several interrelated systems of quick and professional response for the travelers’ safety operate on Autostrada Wielkopolska. However, advanced technologies would be of no use without the involvement of over 500 extremely competent and closely cooperating people. Among them are the employees of the Operation and Management Center (OMC), motorway patrols and interventions and garage employees who take care of the equipment in the Operation and Management Center.
The motorway is not like an ordinary road. There are characteristic markings, different speed limits, wider lanes, minimum two lanes in each direction. Drivers using the motorway notice barriers, fencing of the route, animal crossings or emergency roadside telephones. The so-called MOPs, i.e. Rest and Service Areas with toilets, gas stations, picnic areas, playgrounds for children or infrastructure related to toll collection. It’s a complex system which requires knowledge, competence and technology to run effectively.

Operation and Management Center

The operators of the Operation and Management Center (OMC) are on duty 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They are the ones who receive out calls at the emergency number on Autostrada Wielkopolska. OMC also receive road alerts and reports of collisions or accidents0
– Sometimes we receive several dozen notifications a day. Since the beginning of the year, we have already conducted over 300 hours of interviews. We have a lot of stories with a happy ending, for example about passports left in a motorway parking lot by travelers returning from abroad, which we and our patrol colleagues quickly found and handed over to the owners. – says Krzysztof Golis, head of the Operation and Management Center.

Mr. Krzysztof, like other employees of OMC, has at his disposal a modern traffic management system, radio and telephone exchange, emergency roadside telephone (ERT) system and other devices for collecting information located along the entire Wielkopolska Autostrada. It is thanks to the actions of OMC employees tat drivers can count on quick help, know the situation on the route and whether the traffic runs smoothly