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On-site service and workshop

Patrol cars are constantly in motion and are heavily exploited. During the day, they cover a total of approximately 5,500 km. For patrols to perform their tasks, the equipment must always be 100% operational. Every week, all cars undergo a general technical inspection.
– During the routine inspection, we replace quickly wearing parts and operating fluids. We constantly monitor the technical condition of our vehicles. If a car requires more in-depth intervention, e.g. the on-board computer or gearbox light comes on, the car is sent for service. In addition to patrol cars, our workshop takes care of over 130 other equipment and devices: mowers, excavators, trucks, salt spreaders, which we also service so that they are ready for action – explains Andrzej Czechowski, workshop manager at Kotowo OMC, one of the 5 located on the Autostrada Wielkopolska.
Autostrada Wielkopolska is a 255 km section of the A2 between Świecko and Konin, including the 16-kilometer, three-lane Poznań bypass between the Poznań Zachód and Poznań Krzesiny interchanges. It is one of the most important communication routes in the country. On average, 9 million vehicles use it annually, and at any time of the day or night they can count on the support of Autostrada Eksploatacja employees.

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