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Motorway Patrol

Patrols check the situation on the motorway 24 hours a day. Their task is to efficiently and professionally handle all unforeseen events and help travelers safely reach their destination. Patrol and intervention vehicles travel over 2 million km in a year.
During the shift, motorway patrol employees make control detours. They are at every point of Autostrada Wielkopolska every 2 hours during the day and every 4 hours at night. When help is needed, they reach the place of incident in about 15 minutes. In the event of an accident or collision, they secure the cars and passengers as well as the place of incident. They closely cooperate with the relevant services.
During the detour, motorway security employees check the condition of the road – markings and signage, barriers, service gates and fences. Any deviation from the standard can be dangerous for travelers, which is why constant control and quick intervention are so important.
– We also check the technical condition of Rest and Service Areas, we collect dangerous objects from the road. Even a piece of tire can be a hazard to other road users. If the object found on the route is larger, we pass the information on to the OMC and the colleagues from the intervention team come to pick it up. – says Mariusz Miliński, an employee of the Kotowo OMC patrol.
The motorway is not like an ordinary road. There are characteristic markings, different speed limits, wider lanes, minimum two lanes in each direction. Drivers using the motorway notice barriers, fencing of the route, animal crossings or emergency roadside telephones. The so-called MOPs, i.e. Rest and Service Areas with toilets, gas stations, picnic areas, playgrounds for children or infrastructure related to toll collection. It’s a complex system which requires knowledge, competence and technology to run effectively.
Autostrada Wielkopolska is a 255 km section of the A2 between Świecko and Konin, including the 16-kilometer, three-lane Poznań bypass between the Poznań Zachód and Poznań Krzesiny interchanges. It is one of the most important communication routes in the country. On average, 9 million vehicles use it annually, and at any time of the day or night they can count on the support of Autostrada Eksploatacja employees.

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